Protecting your hybrid workforce

Helping organisations improve the health, mental health and safety of their hybrid workforce. 

ANZEND is an Australian based software company headquartered in Sydney focused on helping employers manage their remote workforce.

With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic in 2020, ANZEND set out to design a comprehensive digital platform to ensure employees were working in a safe environment regardless of their location.

Employers have committments with remote workers

The WHS laws still apply if workers work somewhere other than their usual workplace, for example, from home. You have duties to ensure the health and safety of your workers, even if they are working from home.

Organisations have a duty of care to their employees and that very much includes a mentally healthy workplace. Not only is it that, it’s a moral, ethical, and legal requirement.

The complete health & safety platform. Safe. Secure & compliant.

ANZEND is a software as a service platform focused on helping organisations monitor and improve health and safety of their hybrid workforce.

Hosted fully in-country in Australia on Microsoft Azure and built with the latest web technologies and DevOps components, Powered by Microsoft – providing enterprise grade security, compliance, and scalability

Why employees and employers both need this new platform.

The complete health & safety platform. Safe. Secure & compliant.

  • 77% of workforce intend to continue WFH after pandemic.
  • 76% of workers would be more willing to stay with their current employer if they could work flexible hours.
  • 74% would quit if offered more flexible options elsewhere .
  • 51% of employers allow their employees to work from home.
  • 72% are not working from a dedicated office space.
  • 40% of remote workers aren’t working from a dedicated desk.
  • 28.5% are working from the master bedroom.
Executives noticed the potential cost savings, as expensive long-term leases for office space may no longer be needed.
Caring for your employees

ANZEND provides customers with the most effective tool to manage the most important part of any business –“Their employees”. As an employee I know the my employer cares about my workplace regardless of where that is.

Ensure that you employee data remains private

ANZEND delivers a world-class cloud based solution that is scalable and auditable on demand with service agreements in place to ensure availability.

Looking after your employees mental health.

We are responsible for the wellbeing of our associates, and if we really do care for them, we have to spend some time on, not only their physical wellbeing, but also on their mental wellbeing.

Mental health initiatives don’t sit on the side-line. They’re part and parcel of our holistic people and culture strategy to ensure that we’re an employer of choice and a place where people want to come to work.

Key features of the platform.

ANZEND allows for flexibility of work locations whilst ensuring that these meet company requirements.

Certify multiple work locations

An employee can have up to 3 locations active at any point in time, allowing them the flexibility to work remotely from multiple locations.

Log pre-existing conditions

ANZEND can capture health conditions that may have existed prior to working at home so that the company is aware of any special needs.

Photo geo-tagging

ANZEND reviews the properties of uploaded photos to ensure that they are taken at the address stated.

Employee equipment requests

Employees can request hardware to bring their work space up to standard such as a keyboard, mouse or monitor.

Stay compliant while looking after your employees.